Skills and experience


  • 30 Years in broadcasting, presenting, producing and the making of award winning radio programmes;
  • Establishing of new radio stations and the management of it;
  • Training for various radio stations;
  • Development of the music and music mix and programme formats;
  • Script writing, directing and producing of radio advertisements for national and local advertisers on various commercial, public and community radio stations;
  • Station ID’s and jingles;
  • Radio IT, on-air play-out systems, recording and editing software, audio streaming, outside broadcasts, music concerts, outside events and management;
  • Sales, marketing and fundraising;
  • Studio design, building, equipment, installation and outside broadcast unit design and building.


  • Producing and directing of TV programmes and music shows for department of “Music and Variety ” for SABC;
  • Directing and producing of  educational programmes series for Education department of SABC;

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