Audio Box can offer the following  radio & broadcast training  to radio stations, ownership groups and individuals:

Radio Station Management

  • The management of a radio station & staff;
  • On-air presenting and programming, formats, the radio clock and radio programme content;
  • Show preparation for actuality, entertainment, talk and various kind of programmes;
  • Music library, music formats, scheduling, playlists and administration;
  • Sales, rates, advertising packages, traffic and billing;
  • News and sports office

Radio Service

  • Vocal and performance development, voice techniques and articulation;
  • Advertising and sales and script writing;
  • News writing and reading, sports presenting and radio reports;
  • Contest and revenue-generating strategies;
  • Outside broadcasting, OB unit, streaming and technical;
  • Marketing, imaging and promotions;
  • Live on- air studio, equipment, software and broadcasting techniques;

Radio Product

  • Programmes, promotions and other audio productions;
  • Recording studio software, audio, sound effects, music and techniques;
  • Advertisements and script writing;


  • Radio in modern times, proliferation of the media, challenges and survival;
  • Ongoing training and support through the life cycle of the station
  • Community service and outreach (getting the community involved)


The trainers of Audio Box are not limited to these skills and can customize services to meet the client’s specific needs.

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