We meet for the first time at Impact Radio for a  free preliminary meeting to introduce the Workshop’s content and methods.

1.  Radio Advertising &  Production – Five full day classes 

Aim : To introduce advertising production and voice-overs to aspiring voice artists and presenters

  • Week 1 : Production cost structure.  Script writing (1).  Creating the ad.  Getting and using the correct information.  Practical and theoretical.
  • Week 2 :  Script writing (2).  Creating the ad.  The client and the script.  Practical and theoretical.
  • Week 3 : Doing voice overs. Directing of voice-overs.  Using sound and voice.
  • Week 4 : Recording and production of the ad.  Using music and sfx.
  • Week 5 : Recording and production of the ad.  Final touches.

2.  Radio Presenting & Programming Full day, 4 classes

Aim : To prepare on-air staff or aspiring presenters for responsible, live broadcasting and programming.

  • Week 1 : Radio is Sound.  Radio formats.  Radio clock and structuring your programme.  Interviews : Preparation and practical.
  • Week 2 :  Programme formats, creativity and the compiling  of a programme.  News reading, sport, weather & traffic reports and communication.
  • Week 3 :  Presenting.  Announcing, use of voice and techniques.  Presenting & practical.
  • Week 4 :  Live reads : ads, announcements, information & scripts.  Interviews, introduction of guests, questions and telephone interviews.  Do’s and don’t’s. Recording of demo and final touches

Costs per workshop  : R 4500.00.   No VAT charged.   Request Application Form.

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